Direct Service

The tenets of Catholic Social Teaching and the justice issues of the day move us to action.  Our faith calls us to learn and then to act.  One of the long-standing metaphors that illustrate faith in action is the image of two feet on a path.  One foot moves us forward in service to others; the other foot moves us forward through education and advocacy.

Direct service is the action in real time that we engage in to alleviate suffering and help those who are struggling on the margins whose voice may not be heard, and those who need the support of the community as they deal with challenges of life.  These struggles can include poverty, intolerance, effects of climate change and loss of the value of the common good.

The Sisters of Notre Dame are involved in activities to help people who are marginalized, particularly women and children.


JPIC has ministries in each region addressing the primary areas of concern for the Sisters of Notre Dame. 

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Formed in Ministry

A focus on service to others is at the heart of what inspires SND outreach around numerous ministries including justice, peace and integrity of creation (JPIC).  The video, Formed in Ministry, shares the sisters’ mission which is shaped by their commitment to serve others through impactful ministry.  Guided by gospel values, the service the sisters engage in is ministry done through the lens of JPIC.