Opposing Human Trafficking

Working hard to abolish Human Trafficking

Prior to the unification of the Sisters of Notre Dame of the United States,

a corporate stance was originally approved in 2008 by each of the four former Provinces:

Chardon, Covington, Thousand Oaks, and Toledo.

The Sisters continue to this day to work on abolishing human trafficking, supporting and offering assistance to those persons who have been trafficked, educating people about the warning signs of trafficked persons, and advocating for policies that bring an end to human trafficking.

Official Corporate Stance

We, the Sisters of Notre Dame of the United States, bearers of peace, hope and compassion, respecting the inherent dignity of each person, corporately stand in support of human rights by explicitly opposing the trafficking of women, children, and men for the purposes of sexual exploitation and forced labor. We will make every effort to assist victims of trafficking and to end human trafficking in our world.


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We often have Direct Service opportunities that are related to or working towards ending Human Trafficking. Providing volunteer and immersion experiences, both locally, nationally, and internationally. Click here to check out the latest opportunities.

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