Immigration Reform

Prior to the unification of the Sisters of Notre Dame of the United States, this corporate stance was originally approved by the Toledo Province in 2007.

The Sisters continue to respond to the signs of the times and work for Immigration Reform in advocating for an end to Title 42 and Operation Lone Star,  as well as working directly on the border.  

Immigration in the United States is a complex issue. When evaluating immigration policy issues, it necessary to address the human dignity of immigrants and refugees who are seeking refuge and a better life, and respect and recognize due process and human rights. It is also important to acknowledge states’ rights and responsibilities to control their borders.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has put together great information on the Catholic Stance on immigration reform, along with many great resources.

Justice for Immigrants (JFI) was created by USCCB in 2004 in an effort to unite and mobilize all who are in support of immigration reform. 


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Immigration Reform Resources

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