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Category: Care for Creation

JPIC Notes Spring 2024

Read about a new initiative called Transforming Grace, our latest video on Catholic Social Teaching and the latest volunteers at La Frontera in Laredo, TX.

JPIC Notes: Fall 2023

The fall edition of the JPIC Notes has some interesting videos worth watching and brings attention to timely justice issues.

JPIC Notes: Winter 2023

The Winter edition of the JPIC Notes is attached.  Read about the Care for Creation Team’s invitation to “Catch the Wave”, a service project Sr.

Season of Creation Week 4

This fourth week of the Season of Creation is also National Migration Week. The attached bulletin includes a link to a Justice for Immigrants Action

Season of Creation Week 3

This third week of the Season of Creation we focus on amplifying those voices which are not heard. When we think about the unheard voices

Season of Creation Week 2

We celebrate the second week of the Season of Creation! This week’s bulletin addresses the link between Racial Justice and Climate Justice. Have no time

Season of Creation

The Season of Creation begins September 1st and concludes on October 4th with the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. The symbol for the 2022

JPIC Notes: August 2022

This month’s JPIC Notes presents: A Convocation in NE Ohio by several area congregations of sisters, information on the Season of Creation, and the implementation

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